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Hi, I am Brandon Young, I help entrepreneurs build and grow their Amazon Private Label Business. 


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I am Brandon Young. I'm considered by many to be one of the leaders in current Amazon Private Label strategies. I began selling on Amazon in 2015, as most sellers do, with arbitrage. Seeking a more scalable business model, we pivoted to wholesale and private label.


In June of 2016 we launched his first private label products. Less than 4 years later, we are exclusively private label. Now we have 9 brands, and are approaching 8 figures in annual revenue.


Now I split my time between launching my own new products and teaching others how to effectively choose, source, and launch private label products. I have a free course to walk you through our data driven methods. I also have masterclasses which are deep dives on specific subjects. Finally, I have my inner circle mastermind which is like a college level course with weekly live support calls and live classes every 2-3 weeks. 


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5 Hour Private Label Master Class: How to find, source and launch Private Label Products on Amazon 

I will share my strategies for finding good products. I will share my strategies for sourcing those products for a better price than your competitors who use Alibaba. I will show you exactly how to do the research, which tools to use, and how to make sure you are choosing the correct product. Finally, I will show you how to launch these products onto Amazon, ranking them for the most relevant keywords and developing them into profitable products. Simply click the sign up button below to get started.